About me

A Bumpy ride

I love to travel and I love fashion. So when my husband and I moved to London in 1992, we had a great time building a life together. My career in fashion retail was on the rise and I was loving the challenge and excitement of it. I was at the top of my game.

Until I wasn't

The first thing to go was my relationship with my husband so I finally moved out.

The next was my finances. Now on my own I battled with the high costs of London so I decided to move to Scotland. I had changed everything but ever the optimist I was excited and hopeful. 

Then, as I was about to turn 40 my mum died and it only got worst for there.

I missed my friends and family, I was getting bullied at my new job and then I caught my new boyfriend cheating. That was the straw that broke the camel's back.

I could no longer hold it together. This once strong, independent woman  started having panic attacks. Eventually I could only feel extremes of devastation or numbness as I tried to continue to work. 

All kind of depressing questions raced through my head: "Was I ever going to get married again and have children? What is my purpose? Was I wasting my life? " I felt clueless.

Through life coaching, counselling and meditation I started the road to recovery.

 I then started to study these approaches so that I could help others . I studied Coaching at Cambridge, counselling at UHI Inverness ( COSCA) and Meditation with the Mindfulness Association.

I gave back by volunteering my counselling skills at a doctors surgery. I  coached people from the unemployed to company directors and witnessed them unleashed their unique potential. How?

By raising awareness to acknowledge choices, habits and beliefs so that it facilitates a shift that supports your goals. Seeing the changes is amazing and so rewarding. I love this work!

I am in a great place now, where I wake up with gratitude every day. I am content and happy every day. I have learnt how to deal with stress through my knowledge of counselling and my meditation practice. Not sweating the small stuff. I love my life, family and friends.

You can do it too.

I believe that the answers are within us and by listening to your inner voice and trusting it, you begin to release the real authentic you. I can show you how to become the observer of negative anxious thoughts . I merge the corporate world with an holistic approach to include balance and harmony.

Your dream life awaits

And now through everything I have learnt I would love to help you. Are you ready to shake up your current situation and make a change? 

It's time to invest in YOU.